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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Trade Me App - A Review

My life changed when I got an iPhone, in some ways for the better and in someways the worse!

On one hand it gave my penchant for addictions a new habit to hook into and consume my attention with every five minutes!

On the other it has dramatically introduced my fingers with an unusual amount of exercise, giving my fingers muscles that a concert pianist would envy!

The one thing worth comment however is the way owning this smart device has revolutionized, in no uncertain terms, how I now do online trading.

Whether it be through eBay, Amazon or New Zealand's Trade Me there is an App for it - and selling stuff has never been easier (now all I need is to get rich to take care of the buying stuff!)

In the olden days, about a year ago, a cyber-century in days past, listing an item meant taking a photo on the old digital camera, removing the memory card and turning the drawers inside out to find the fandangled memory card adapter, plugging it into the laptop or PC via USB cable and transferring the photo... Bored yet? I'll spare you the further inane steps that made listing seem like a sadistic method of torture for someone like me with a lot of stuff to sell, it was cyber-purgatory.

The result? I never really got into selling online because frustration, irritation and vexation always came to the party to kick me out the door.

But then I discovered the Trade Me app and all my public holidays came at once! Need to list an item? No worries!

Step One: Open App by touching the blue kiwi icon on your touch screen... Ahhhh, that felt, well, completely painless!

Step 2: Touch the List an item "button"

Step 3: use the camera option to photo graph the item with your phone...

Easy peasy!

Now this is the app I use more than any other time waster on my phone, except this one has the added advantage of making me money and the app is totally free.

Almost anything you can do on the Trade Me web site you can do with the Trade Me app, almost anything...

Enter my only real gripe about the application. Because I list a lot of books (see my blogg Pimp My Twenty Bucks) I like to use filters when viewing the items I am selling. Presently the only filters include listings with bids, listings closing today, unanswered questions, reserve met and so forth but an option for listings with Watchers would be nice! Then again I don't think even the Trade Me web site has that option so this is more a fault of the site developers themselves rather than the App...

However, and this is a more legit groaning point, if there is a special offer to take advantage of, such as 30 cents for having a photo appear in the gallery for up to three consecutive listings - I find I have to go to the actual web site to take advantage of said offer which when using an app is a big no no! An app, as far as I'm concerned, should be able to do EVERYTHING it's relative site can do without my needing to flick screens.

Finally, because the majority of my items need constant relisting, this app fails to allow you to do that - another cause to close the app and go on a "safari" to the actual web site for multiple relists! Not cool Trade Me Guys!

But please, don't get me wrong! This is still my favorite application and gets daily usage out of me and will for a very long time, so don't worry kiwis, download it and love it!

Now if you'll excuse me I have stuff to sell!

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