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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pimp My Twenty Bucks Part Ten

It’s all downhill from here.

Last week I broke through the half way mark. It may have taken me 11 weeks but I definitely feel the pace picking up as I hurtle towards my target. That is, if “hurtling” means the same as “there’s still a few weeks to go yet…”

In the week just gone by I sold the following books:

Clan of the Cave Bear for $6
2061 Odyssey Three for $6

After subtracting Trademe’s success fees, and the money spent on replacing the books I sold, I am left with $56.16… like I said, it really is a downward slope from here on in, with only $43.84 until my eagle has landed!

As usual I quickly relisted the 34 books that remained from last week’s listings and purchased 4 books to replace the two that I sold at the cost of only $3, boosting my stock to 38 books. If you would like to view my listings just click on the link below.

Most of my friends and family have no idea that I am writing this blog and most of them would consider me the proverbial prophet without honor, given my history of mostly rags, but I did get a chance to converse with a friend or two about what I am doing and some interesting comments came out of those conversations that I will plaster on the walls of the paragraphs below!

I’m beginning to think beyond my much needed shoes, the road trip to my Mother’s cooking and even my nasty cat Felix Faticus (who seems to be disappearing a lot lately, I think he knows his Tom Cattering is fast coming to its end), and am now looking at an horizon where the $100 sun has risen in a sky of further possibilities. While most people wouldn’t call what I am doing a “success” as such, the fact remains my bank balance is growing and so is my stock…

What continues to amaze me is that the closer I get to my goal the more books I have to sell, which actually means that even after I have made the plausible amount of $100 I will still have stock working for me on Trademe to take me well beyond that figure…

Throughout this process I have learned that making money is not some esoteric thing that only the rich can do – it’s for anyone who knows the rules. And while I don’t yet know all the rules I’m beginning to wonder what would happen if I took the Hundred Dollars and renovated it into $500?

One mate looked at me and said, “I’ve never seen this side of you before, it’s good!”

And so the conversations continued as I recalled the various computer games I used to play where my character would collect clothes and weapons from his fallen foes to sell at the market to make money for better armor and better devices of death (Oblivion and Fall Out 3 for those who are in the know). I realized that the seminal stages of this idea can be traced back to the days when I would sit there on my couch for hours asking myself the question – why can’t real life be like this? Of course, I don’t mean why can’t real life consist of me storming through the woods thrusting swords into bandits and goblins but rather why can’t I collect and trade and get my experience points up in the real world?

I’ve realized that that is exactly what I am doing. And strangely enough I am enjoying it immensely more than a computer game! Instead of points on the corner of my TV screen I have dollars in the bank and a time cometh when I will be able to take those dollars on a hot date with reality and spend some of it on something more tangible than a computer animated shield!

I don’t play computer games any more, the withdrawal I get and the desire to escape real life I now pour into this new game of counting coins. It’s more rewarding.

Another issue that seems prevalent among my male counterparts is that their significant others hold a lot of sway in what they do with their money. There always seems to be more important things to spend money on and so investing “large” amounts of cash on this endeavor or that becomes something they will do in the far off future…

Of course your spouse should hold sway; my own wife and I are at one when it comes to our finances! But the thing to be learned from my experience here is that because I have separated what I am doing from our main account, and because I only started with twenty bucks, we both know that the money in my “Dogears” account is mine – mine to our mutual benefit of course. And that money never gets absorbed by daily domestic devices… I hope more of my male pairs will follow my example…

One more thing. As mentioned last week I have started Vlogging this series on YouTube, and would like to report that as of this moment I can boast a whopping 8 views on my first video! It appears to have gone viral in the real sense; people are staying away from it for fear of catching a disease! Oh well, it was always going to be a long shot. Nevertheless I won’t give up and will try to get more videos up to complement my “literature” in the weeks to come (time hasn’t been my friend this week in more ways than I can remember).

So suffice to say, I have no ad revenue to report this week!

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  1. Nice work, an honourable profit :p

    Glad to hear of your progress, and thanks for an interesting read. Looking forward to the next installment!


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