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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pimp My Twenty Bucks - Part Twelve

Just a short entry this week I’m afraid, I’m on hiatus in New Zealand’s stinkiest tourist town – Rotorua.

This week my blog took a crash dive into the realm of hardly any hits and I couldn’t figure out why…
The possibilities were that either aliens had abducted my various readers or Y2K has happened 12 years too late. In any case I hope it wasn’t because of my poor skills in arithmetic!

For a whole week I had published the wrong figures on Part 11 of this series, leaving most of you to assume I’m a complete moron due to my obvious miscalculations! Nevertheless, I have gone back and corrected the fault and am back on track. This week’s figures reflect a more accurate picture of where I am at.

In my defence last week was a rather rotten one for personal reasons which I won’t go into, because the purpose of this blog is not to depress you.

But as I have mentioned before, the beauty of what I am doing is that it requires little effort (for the most part) and for the 7 days my books are listed I don’t have to do anything until they sell, no matter what might be going on around me, whether it be sickness or death.

In the week gone by I sold:

Anne McCaffrey’s, Nimisha’s Ship for $3
Tomorrow When the War Began for $6.50

Propelling me closer to my target by $9.50!

After Subtracting success fees, the cost of replacement items and new listing fees, I am left with $78.86 and only $21.14 shy of my final objective to be a hundredaire (like a millionaire but about $999,900 poorer.)

As always I have relisted the items that did not sell while including four new items to replace the two that I sold, so not only do I have just over $75 to show for my efforts but I now have 44 books in stock – that’s 28 more than the 16 I started with! Yay!

Some weeks I feel like I’m screaming towards my goal like a hyperactive monkey on red food colouring; this is not one of those weeks. I’m starting to get itchy for that $100 and whatever comes with the getting of it. But, as I said last week, and every week so far, all we can do is sit back and wait to see what this new week will bring. But for a bit of fun, if I had to stab a guess at how long this is going to take… I think another three weeks should do it, and I can’t figure out if I’m being conservative or optimistic with my estimate… what do you think?

In the meantime, I’ve started a Fan Page for this series on Facebook for anyone who would like to follow my progress that way, just clickhere to “Like” me in the social network sense.

Also for anyone who was looking forward to seeing more of my video series which I promised weeks ago would compliment this blog (as a desperate way to attract hits), well, again it’s been a rough couple of weeks, but I really will get round to churning some more of my YouTube goodness out in the next week or so…

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