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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pimp My Twenty Bucks - The Half Way Mark

Last week I sold The Diamond Hunters by the ever popular Wilbur Smith on for $3.50, taking my total balance up to $50.76, which means…


Imagine that a hundred balloons and a hurricane of streamers suddenly appeared out of nowhere and flooded the room with triumphant colour accompanied by a cacophony of insane trumpets.

So what if I’ve been doing this for exactly 11 weeks! I am now $30 richer than when I began, it’s taken me very little personal effort and I have actually been enjoying myself, hoorah!

If you are new to this series then you can be forgiven for not knowing what I am talking about, but let me break it down for you.

11 weeks ago I began with only $20 and set myself the challenge, here in the public forum, of turning that $20 into $100 by using, the New Zealand equivalent to eBay.

Using my love and knowledge of books I scoured opportunity shops for titles that I recognized as potential sellers and purchased 16 books for as little as $10, while crediting to Trademe the remaining $10 to cover my listing and success fees.

Every week that I sold something I banked the profits and replaced the product times two, meaning that for every book I have sold I’ve replaced it with two books. By doing so I have not only increased my bank balance but have increased my amount of stock to 36 books, more than double what I started with and I haven’t lost a cent.

Not bad.

Which brings me to the now, I have relisted the 34 books that did not sell last week plus two new titles. There’s a link to my listings below if you’d like to have a gander.

As alluded to last week I have decided to spice things up a bit, or splice them up in a manner of speaking, by creating a Vlog to accompany this blog series, in the hope that maybe, just maybe, I might be able to generate some adsense revenue to accompany my book selling efforts. Not only will this make for a more interactive money making experience but you’ll be able to share the vlog with people who hate reading blogs!

I’m actually hoping that by writing a blog that points to the vlog and a vlog that points the blog I might be able to generate a nice little bit of monetary feedback so far as my hit rate is concerned. But of course I’m not speaking from knowledge or great experience on this one so in the coming weeks I’ll be just as surprised as you if it spawns even a tadpole of success! But then, tadpoles have a tendency of changing into frogs so you never know…

So until next week please practice your mouse clicking skills on the “like” button below and check out this video for my amateur film making skills.

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