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Monday, August 3, 2009

Reader's Response

The below is a recent response from one of my faithful readers... used with permission I might add!

I thought it was an insiteful insite worth sharing... espcially the bit where he says "Another great blog you posted"...

I guess I'm sharing this because I would like to remind you all of the scary state of affairs we are finding ourselves in if we allow complacency to keep our mouths shut, especially around voting time. Political Correctness must be captured, tortured, hung, drawn and quartered - it is an ethical system based on arbitrary human values, depending on what is popular at the time rather than on absolutes.

I was thinking today taht it would be neat to get a large island and chuck a whole bunch of everyone on it. Say a few thousand/million people from every culture and religion in the world and force them to all pretend they're all the same and then sit back and see what happens. It would be a primo experiment... oh wait, its happening in England right now! I forgot.

How do,

Another great blog you've posted, good work.

You hit the nail on the head with your verdict on the Religious Equality Bill. As with everything New Labour, it's all about 'positive discrimination', the cornerstone of political correctness.

Nordic countries demonstrate what *true* equality is, by treating everyone the same-- the concept of Jante Law. However in the world of New Labour's equality, Orwell's principle applies-- some people are more equal than others.

Religion is a good example of this. Labour seem to pander tirelessly to Muslims: One example is letting Muslim extremists preach their hate, yet other demonstrations can expect heavy-handed treatment from the authorities.

Labour has seriously considered allowing Sharia Law to hold sway for Muslim communities. Then there are stories about some authorities (controlled by Labour or the oxymoronicall-named Liberal Democrats) banning the promotion of Christmas in some workplaces (prefer "Winterval"), in case it "offends other religions"-- you often hear similar stories with that excuse given.

I have nothing against Muslims or other religions, as long as they don't try to impose their views on other people. The UK is predominantly Christian country still, with Christian festivals; Muslim fundamentalists should get that, or bugger off to Saudi Arabia [wink]. Hindus and Christians in the UK celebrate Christmas and Divali respectively after all.

As I say, Labour does not exactly discourage Muslim extremists-- it's un-PC to speak out against them you see. It's clear Labour are trying get life-time supporters, by pandering to Muslim radicals-- one of the few sections of society who still like Labour.

Sadly the other two main parties are not much better, with the Conservatives aping Blair and the Liberal Democrats being achingly right-on.

Then the main parties wonder why people start voting BNP. By the way, I'm not condoning the BNP-- they are neo-facists-- sadly clever at hiding it these days.

I'll be voting UKIP from now on, because 1) They believe in proper equality 2) They are libertarian and promote choice 3) They believe in common-sense and pragmatism, not loony ideologies.


David (surname protected)

*Thanks David, I always enjoy your Fonz style coolness!



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  2. How very interesting... I can't claim to have understood any of it but thanks for the comment...


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