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Friday, July 17, 2009

Why do film makers have to pervert kids movies with swearing, sex and too much violence?

Well, the truth is they don’t have to. The problem is that such films are being made by people who either have no foundation to base their sense of morality on or by those who deliberately want to undermine the hold that Christianity has had on the West for centuries! (See my review on The Golden Compass).

The swearing, Sex and violence is one thing but worse are the subtle attacks on our children’s minds which come in the shape of small phrases supporting evolution, adult jokes of a sexually implicit nature that fly over the child’s head only to nestle itself somewhere at the back of their subconscious, misquoted bible verses that are twisted into humorous anecdotes, references against traditional norms are A.O.K and ideas about God or life after death that exclude Jesus Christ and suggest that God is an Oprah Winfreyesque push over who will cave in the end and let everyone into his perfect Heaven.

We don’t notice these so much because we have been duped by them ourselves. We get so caught up by the big things that are blatant and obvious but we happily soak up the poison that courses threw the veins of the modern arts – worldly anti-biblical thinking.

Don’t get me wrong. Most of the writers, producers and what-nots who make these movies are just people either trying to make a quick buck or just want to entertain. Their not necessarily sitting there rubbing their greedy little hands together and saying “I’m going to brainwash the world, Mmmmmmwaaahahahahaha” – that in itself would make a great movie! But they are people none the less, and where there are people there is sin and where there are people in the industry who have never even touched a Bible, there is trouble.

The solution I believe is not to boycott the entire industry. However as a parent you do need to be able to discern what your child should and shouldn’t be watching. I think though a much stronger stance would be for parents to modal a good sound biblical knowledge at home, with the ability to sit down with their child after their viewing is done and discuss the themes and ideas in juxtaposition to the Bible. This would make your child ten times better biblically nourished than most grown ups today!

We could sit here and blame those big shot Hollywood types all we want, but at the end of the day the person who pollutes your babies mind more than anyone else is you if you can’t and don’t provide them with a love for scripture! We’re just as guilty as the “sinners” if we are prepared to leave their spiritual feeding time to once a week in a Sunday school class. Imagine what would happen to your body if your only meal was 2 hours on a Sunday. The human spirit is no different.

The second thing the Church as a whole should wake up to is the industry itself has a vacuum where the world needs Christians to step into. We send missionaries to Fiji, to India or deep into the jungle to preach the good old Good News but why aren’t we sending them into the film studios, the recording studios or the art galleries? We are in a sense when we produce Christian Rock for Radio Rhema and the occasional Jesus Movie that gets played on Good Friday on the old people’s channel but what about real Hollywood where Satan has his seat – we should go sit there ourselves and see how much damage we can do!

Few film Makers Like Australian Director Angus Benfield, Steven Baldwin, Mel Gibson (no outcries please) are out there on the front lines producing material that will subtly influence the world for Christ while Christ inside them influences the actors and industry people respectively. The world needs us to support these Christians who are doing for the kingdom an extremely difficult service by putting themselves on what is largely enemy territory. We should be buying their movies, we should be forwarding their websites to our friends and Pastors, if we are lucky enough to know them we should be encouraging them and propping them up against the myriad of temptations they face in a world ridden with drug abuse and facial tampering!

When we financially support films made by genuine Christians the marketers who control what scripts get a green light will start supporting better films full of the fibre morals are made of!

Finally if you are creative yourself I urge you to pray and study the word profusely so that it will naturally inject itself into your work. Get into the industry, start connect groups with like minded Christians so you are accountable, get your church backing you up with prayer and moral support.

This is a legitimate mission field so lets pick up our bible guns and boldly march onto it!

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