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Friday, July 3, 2009

What do you do when an endangered animal eats endangered plants?

Many of the world’s greatest minds have not pondered this question, or at least not in the way that I am about to.

When confronted with this scenario I would have to say that I personally wouldn’t do anything. I don’t know any endangered species personally and wouldn’t know an endangered plant if I stood on one. If I did, I would find myself in the same state of complacency because I don’t feel I’m in a position to do much anyway due to my lack of finances and basic motivation.

On the other hand one would have to ask whether the endangered species was a socialist or a member of the New Zealand Labour Party, in which case I would again say let them eat to their hearts content because obviously as far as a species go, they’re not on my top ten list of animals I want to save… actually they’re on my top ten list of Animals I want to See Stranded on a Melting Iceberg.

But all of the above is irrelevant and completely stupid.

I don’t worry all too much about this sort of thing because frankly the second law of thermodynamics… or the law of entropy… or in laymen’s terms the law of everything going to the dogs is at work and when we are confronted with yet another creature passing into the past or a plant withering in the winds of history its nothing new under the sun. It’s been happening since the fall of the first man, and his lovely wife.

We live in a funny society where we tell ourselves that everything is evolving into more complex and vibrant thingamajigs but with the other half of our brain we hit the panic button when something comes along and says “I’m leaving this planet forever” and “oops, nothing is going to replace me when I’m gone. I just shake my head…

Biodiversity is a clever machine of weights and balances. I’m no science pro but I seem to know, thanks to years of Steve Irwin and the Odd trip to the zoo, that an ecosystem is a delicate thing where creatures and plants alike depend upon each other for their very survival. If one thing goes extinct the thing that needed it has to depend on something else for the thing it got. If it doesn’t get it then that thing dies and the thing that needed it goes along the same slippery route towards extinction and is remembered only in blogs and misinformed text books.

Has anyone outside of the world of Church ever noticed however, that if you press the rewind button on the situation that there must have been a time of perfect environment? Maybe I have jumped one step ahead of everyone here but imagine if the things that became extinct this year never became extinct and the things that were wiped out last year were still here and the things before that and the things before that…. Etc…

…surely you end up with a world of pure biodiversific perfection? I’ll leave you to ponder the ramifications of that prospect but I’ll give you a hint – it smells like Genesis to me! (But if you’re not satisfied these guys explain it much better than I do

The real reason why I simply don’t care enough to get all flustered and frazzled over the possibility that some diabolically rare sloth out there is right now eating the last of a plant that could probably cure toenail cancer is simply that as a Christian I am promised a time of restoration in the hopefully not too distant future when Jesus Christ will return and restore all things. That’s not to say that I am irresponsible with my plastics and odd socks but there’s no point in getting upset about it… we live in a fallen world (read Genesis Chapter 3 folks) and there’s only one way out.

I’m not afraid to say that His name is Jesus Christ, and if you don’t know him yet, then my friend, you are the endangered species and I sincerely hope you don’t eat your last plant before you discover that fact. (

Now that I have not in anyway answered the above question – does anyone else have anything they would like to ask?

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