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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today's Article of Note

I’ve had one of those nights. You know, the ones where you’re in a dungeon on one of those stretching rack thingies and someone is standing there with an iron rod glowing red and threatening to prod you with it every time you nearly get some sleep? No? Well my torturer was my 4 week old little girl. Got to love her but she just didn’t want to sleep at all and wanted the whole world to know about it!

So I crawl out of bed this morning, check the letter box like a zombie dragging his feet up the driveway looking for brains and then, discovering the computers been left on I check my emails and am still here half an hour later for some strange reason… but its been good for giving the rest of my body a chance to wake up as well…

In my inbox today was my daily newsletter from the Jewish World Review. I highly recommend this informative little mail out. Each day I get sent links to handy things like Ripley’s believe it or Not, cartoons, opinions but more importantly articles about how bad the world is, which is great.

Ok, so they’re not all that bad but today’s was of particular interest to me. This article by Kristin E. Holmes ( ) About Donna Kay Busch, a 47 year old mom in that once great country which is now known as the United States of Anarchy. Busch’s little boy of Kindergarten age took part in an exercise at his day care centre where the children were asked to do a sort of show and tell and share something about who they are to the rest of the class. Alternatively a parent could read an excerpt from the kid’s favorite book.

Little Busch chose a bible story. So after Busch Senior went to all the trouble of finding a passage of scripture she thought wouldn’t offend anyone she innocently tried to read to the class but was stopped by the kindergarten Principal…

Maybe it was just me but the idea that a Kindy has a Head Master kind of made me laugh… sounds like someone taking their job a bit too seriously. Anyway, the great and powerful Principal of Puny Land declared she couldn’t read from her son’s favorite book, the bible, because it desecrated the great prime directive of today’s wise world – The Separation of Church and State.

We really need to wake up a little here. Actually no, we need to wake up a lot. So kindergarten kids aren’t bringing guns to school yet but back in the days when the Bible was in school the teenagers they grew into weren’t killing each other, weren’t having babies at 12 (which has happened recently in the UK I think) weren’t filming their indecent little selves on their mobile telephones and texting them to their friends (which is also happening)!

I recently did a little trace of school shootings in America and discovered that the first High School Massacre in the land of Uncle Sam occurred within three years of removing the Bible from the School System!

The other thing we need to be aware of is the down right hypocrisy of this church and state nonsense. I’m talking about the fact that people get upset about any Christian or Jewish related paraphernalia appearing in School but completely turn a blind eye to all the New Age crud that gets shoved down our children’s throats like one of those plunger things you see someone stuffing down the barrel of a cannon! I remember as far back as the 80’s we had one teacher who forced us kiddies to do yoga, which has serious roots in Eastern mysticism and the occult and that’s just one small example.

Read for further proof of what I am saying here.

Finally the whole Church and State thing originally came about because the colonists in America had fled from religious tyranny in England to a land where they could practice their Christian Faith according to the Bible and not according to the State’s interpretation of the Bible. The idea was originally meant to protect an individual’s right to practice their religion without interference from the State. But now the pendulum has swung to the farthest inaccurate extreme and every man and his dog seem to think it means that the state needs to be protected from Christians! (See Ian Wishart’s Eve’s Bite for a more in-depth review of this)

Christian’s! The people who believe in loving their neighbor, doing to others what they would have them do to them, the sanctity of marriage and of the family. The only “religion” in the world whose founder actually came back to say “I told you so!” and “By the way, I’m coming back!”

Maybe I’ve taken this review of a simple article far too far but are we so blind that we can’t see that the once great West was great because it was Christian and banning a little boy’s mom from reading from the bible to a classroom is stripping those children of their rich cultural heritage?

Apparently we are.

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