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Saturday, July 21, 2012

We Have Forgotten Who We Were

I fear that we have let the Dark Knight Rise while we have buried Jesus, and as a result the Dark Night has risen..

This is my Christian perspective of the terrible events that have left Colorado, America and frankly most of us grief stricken by it's brutality.

I have wrestled over whether I should publish this, it's likely to cost me readers but I don't care about that. What I do care about is whether people will see this as me taking advantage of a horrible situation for the sake of the things I have to say or will understand that my heart was moved enough that I sat down at this computer and bore my tormented soul to anyone who would listen.

Nevertheless, despite the confusion I feel over my own motives I think what I want to share is important. For me it truly is necessary for us to stop and examine our hearts, our consciences and our decisions from here on in. Do we focus all our hatred on this pathetic individual who has horrified the World and his victims or do we begin a desperate and honest search for the reason why the West is losing it's grip on human dignity, because maybe in this current relativistic mind set there is really no such thing?

The gun debate in America is aflame, and for good reason. Last night’s tragedy in Colorado has haunted me. On every scale it is a disgusting act of hatred and cruelty that one would cry out for a real life Batman to save the day. But he won’t because in real life Justice amongst mere men is far from swift. And so the debate goes on.

I’m saddened by the event for another reason. I am a Projectionist and play movies for a living. To think that someone chose a sister of my workplace to indulge in senseless annihilation is reprehensible to say the absolute least. While I cannot dare to suppose what it would be like to be in that horrific moment, I can grieve for the Cinema Staff and the Projectionist who shouldered the burden of turning up the house lights and stopping the films to give the frightened patrons a chance to get out. At least that’s what I imagine. Whoever the Projectionist was, whoever the staff were my thoughts, sympathy and prayers go out to you for having to deal with a situation that not even a movie could have prepared you for. It goes without saying that I also feel strongly for the victims and their families and pray you will find some peace and comfort. I also pray for Justice. Forgiving a man for such a crime as this might be possible, but should justice be tarried on his account, that is unforgivable.

But this article is not about me; it’s not even really about the gun debate. It’s about America’s soul, and how that soul can be viewed through its nation’s eyes and what those eyes see. The President said in his speech today, “…we will never know fully what causes somebody to take the life of another…” and that is what most of us in the West choose to see. We have all, not just Americans, lost what we once were, and that was morally decent people who lived in societies where this sort of thing simply did not happen. But none of my generation would remember that, because we are the generation that believes in relativism, that the notion of right and wrong is a matter of opinion and we Christians and Jews are lunatics for thinking otherwise, despite the fact that our Grandparent’s parents embraced the Old Religion and were mostly free of these sorts of Horrors!

When the Great Constitution was written the American Government of the day could rely on the fact that most of its citizens lived by the same moral code, that most of its citizens understood that divine retribution awaited the evil doer when he died and that his punishment would be eternal. People thought twice before they acted because they understood from the Bible the law of consequences, that you reaped what you sowed. A Constitution that gave men the right to bear arms was possible because the Government could trust its people to behave themselves. This simply is not true anymore. America has embraced cultural relativism and his demonstrated again and again it’s distain for its religious heritage, despite the fact that America’s freedom and prosperity would not have been possible were it not for its Christian roots. The country that has forgotten the glory of its Godly beginnings is self destructing and people can only sigh and echo the President by saying, “We will never know fully what causes somebody to take the life of another.”

Jesus taught that Evil comes from the Heart of Man. He said, “out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.” The evil we are dealing with here is inside each of us. You take away belief in consequences, you take away divine Judgment, you take away God’s absolute moral law and that evil is what we are left to deal with. But we are so prone to blaming anything else but ourselves. We blame the guns, we blame the political system we live in, and we blame the schools, the environment. We will even blame one minority group over another. We blame anything but ourselves. When the problem with our society is not Capitalism, it is not the right to bear arms, it is not lack of education, it is not any of the above – it is simply the wickedness that overflows from the fallen Human Heart. Yet everyone chooses to ignore it. But here’s some Christian logic for you; you ignore evil long enough, it has a way of rearing its ugly head and shocking all of us. The new Humanistic morality and secular thinking has no definitive answer for it other than surprise.

I said before that when the American Government drafted the Constitution it did so knowing that it could trust its people to do the right thing. But now we find ourselves in a Western moral vacuum where there is no God, no eternal consequences for sin, in fact there is no sin, anything goes, there is no right, there is no wrong and each man and woman does purely as they see fit or whatever feels good…

When the majority of societies’ citizens govern themselves with this kind of “anything goes” morality, a government can no longer trust its citizens with guns. Because when “anything goes” it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.

Please do not think I am being anti-American. I mourn for America, I really do, but its problems are the same as all of the West’s. People are silently losing their freedom because we deserve to lose it if we do not choose to govern ourselves with something as simple as the Ten Commandments, the complete example of Jesus Christ and the certainty of Divine Judgment.

The West truly has two options from here on in. Either we learn to govern ourselves wisely with the moral code of our ancestors, or we submit to dictatorship, because as these sorts of heinous crimes terrorize the “free” world, only an iron fist with a strong militant police force can “protect” its slaves… oh I mean citizens.

But that’s not what is going to happen. People will read this; they’ll think I’m a religious nut riding the wave of the popularity of a vicious crime that has made everyone ask “Why”.

I’ve told you why. Return to Jesus and we might have a chance.


  1. Thanks, I hope the message makes some difference to someone :)


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