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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pimp My Twenty Bucks Part Seven

I love how the last paragraph I wrote In Part Six left my readers with a promise of things to come and then I left you all in the lurch for almost two weeks, sorry about that!

It's been a busy time, still fighting the winter bug that has been trying to push me out of the game for most of the month so far. If I didn't know any better I'd say Felix is poisoning me to keep me down...

If you read the last installment you'll remember I mentioned a customer who failed to pay me? Well, after four pleasant emails from my end I gave him the chop, relisted Charlotte's Web and made sure I left some nasty feedback. Not too nasty though, just in case something bad had actually happened to the guy and I was being a prat about it. One day some clever person will invent a social network site or online trading site that tells other users if a person has died so you can send your condolences rather than a complaint!

Anyway, the good news is trademe have a function which allows you to request success fees back for transactions that didn't quite go all the way. So I got my $0.50 back! Victory is sweet.

I relisted all my books but kind of failed to relist much else that was new, so for the past week I've only had 32 books helping me to achieve my goal of pumping up my $20 into a muscle clad $100... You could say I dropped the ball a bit, but for good reason; in the last week I've been fighting partial deafness, had a stag night for a friend, a birthday I failed to attend, a funeral a wedding and work to go to. It's been a week of busy things.

So to bring you up to speed, and for once not referring to the various titles I successfully sold, since I last wrote I've made $24 to add to The Dog Ears account... Putting me at $43 in the bank plus leaving me with $5.36 in trademe.

I will subtract $5 from that $43 to reach the books I sold and also to add five more to take me up to 40 books in stock. That's 37 chances to make another sale this week. Choice.

So, just over $43 to show for nearly nine weeks of online trading and cunning. Thought I'd throw in that "cunning" bit. Had I called this series "Double Your 20" I'd be able to finish now!

Never mind though, only $60 to go!


This is me the next day rectifying the above statement about this weeks listings! I purchased three books for $5 instead of the ten I had intended... Why? Because they were good books that I was sure would attract some attention even if they cost me slightly more than I normally would have spent, I decided they were worth the risk... In six days we'll know if I was right!

So this week I have 33 listings, and as I write this I already have at least one bid! Yay for me.

Till next week then!

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