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Monday, July 9, 2012

Pimp My Twenty Bucks Part Six

I was going to let my cat write this installment but he can’t type, and even if he could he can’t speak proper Queen’s English. So thankfully we’ve all dodged a bullet there. If all you were reading now were “meows” you would miss out on what a wonderful victory I’ve been experiencing with the evolution of my twenty dollars!

Well, I say victory but there has been one set back – a bad customer. You know, the kind who purchase an item online and then don’t pay you and ignore all of your emails pertaining to the fact. On one hand I want to get viciously annoyed but on the other the guy has some very good feedback from previous Trademe users he’s had dealings with, so he could be in a coma or something and that just makes me feel guilty, even if it isn’t true. It’s more than likely my cat, scared of how things are going here, has hunted down this customer and has him tied and gagged in some unsound location. Let’s hope that isn’t the case.

This installment is over a week late by the way, because I’ve had the flu, or something like it. The great thing about trading online though is unlike selling things face to face it doesn’t matter how sick or partially incapacitated I get, the listings are still out there doing their thing and all I have to do is lie there in my diseased state and hit refresh every once and a while.

But I’m ok now.

The point is I’m writing this week about what happened last week as a bit of a catch up.

My listings drew to an end on Monday last week, successfully earning me, supposedly, $12. That’s the biggest amount so far since I started this financial frolic!

Here’s how it went down.

I sold Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White for $6
Flight of the Night Hawks by Raymond E Feist for $3
And Albert Camus’ The Plague for $3

In theory that put me at $7.66 in the old Trademe account and $28 in the bank. Meaning of the original $20 I began with, I now should have $35.66 to show for it.

See, it IS working! And some of you thought that it wasn’t. Shame on you!

But I should be honest and point out here that the dodgy customer who has yet to pay for Charlotte’s Web has set me back $6 and keeping with the formula I have developed since the beginning of this task, I went out and purchased 3 new (well, old) books to replace the stock I sold plus an additional three books to boost my stock, which has reduced that $35.66 to $26.66.

In any case, as of last Tuesday I had 33 listings, having almost tripled the amount of stock I began with. Not bad I think.

Those listings will end over the next 24 hours so expect to hear from me soon with more riveting news!

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