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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pimp My Twenty Bucks Part Eight

Success needs no introduction, no matter how small it is. Some people’s successfulness shines like the eyeball splitting brilliance of Sol, the fancy not often used name of the Sun. Other people are more lunar in their triumphs, glowing in the night while we marvel at their hoity beams.

I however, am more like the red dot of a laser pointer, darting about your living room floor tempting the cat to madness as it chases what it cannot catch.

Allow me to point that dot at this week’s microscopic victory…

This week I successfully fobbed off two books:

2001 A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke for $4.50
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte for $3

Thus making me the grandiose amount of $7.50, enough to buy a bottle of milk and a cheap packet of cookies in my country.

Keeping with my plan to replace every item I sell times two, I have purchased four “new” second hand books to relist at the cost of $3 this week.

I found myself in a Salvation Army shop in the small town of Huntley, New Zealand. A town that makes you feel like you have forgotten where you parked your DeLorean! Just passing through I decided to inject my supply of books with some fresh items because my usual supplier is running a bit dry with me plucking up all the good reads from week to week. The only problem was the books there were $1 each which means when I list them I will have to increase my own prices a tiny bit to compensate for the ouch factor that buying them gave me.

So, as usual, I have relisted all of last week’s unsold items plus four, taking me up to 35 book listings for this week. I can see I am going to need a small warehouse to keep these books eventually!

So where does that leave me?

Let us not have just an ordinary drum roll please, how about an ensemble of drum rolls! A whole orchestra of rum-tum-ta-ta-tums and various percussion instruments crackling their Kudos thrown in for good measure – because I can now boast, without any exaggeration, that I have earned a total of $44.76 cents.

So what if it has taken me nearly ten weeks? After all Felix, my cat, is enjoying his period of grace as his inevitable visit to the vet rolls slowly closer like a 20 ton block of granite strapped to the backs of leprous penguins in the desert.


This is the part where I usually say something like “Until Next Week”, but not this time because now I have something new to share. That’s right. New.

So far I have been trying to pimp up my $20 by using the online trading services offered by Trademe, New Zealand’s equivalent to eBay, but I have realized that there are other ways to make money online besides selling stuff. I’m talking about Google adsense revenue.

More specifically I am talking about adsense on YouTube. Starting next week I am going to begin vlogging this series, incorporating Google advertising to see if that increases my cash flow, and I will include my weekly earnings in these blogs. Just to make things a bit more interesting.

I will make sure Felix makes an appearance to, so you can appreciate how fat and sinister my cat is.

Finally if you are enjoying watching me painfully make money in the exceedingly slow lane, and ultimately want to see me succeed please do me the small credit of shearing my posts on the various social networks you inhabit and become part of my glacial success.

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