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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dear Internet - Part Three

Dear Internet

Today was my last day of work and as much as I would like to be a smart Alec about it I Daresay I shall miss this place. 

Peradventure in the future time I will suffer a measure of withdrawal as I look back upon my 8 years in the "booth". Thanks to the more than 15000 hours I have spent in darkness, forgoing my required daily intake of Vitamin D while people made out, ate popcorn and escaped to Hollywood fantasy land, my head is fractured with myriad images of the many hundreds of movies I have been exposed too. My brain is now a network of camera angles, CGI and bad prequels. 

If it weren't for my time here I wouldn't be the man I am today; I would be the man I could have been today instead. Something to think about. 

Most of all I will miss the thousands of feet of 35 mm film that has passed through my hands, which I have spliced and threaded into the ancient machines whose demise led to my timely redundancy. Those very same projectors that played the Lion King, Forest Gump and Under Siege 2 to me as a teenager. Strange how my connection to this cinema goes back almost 17 years, it's one of the few friends I have left from the 90's and now I'm saying goodbye... 

This room is haunted by the many souls who have worked here before me (not really, most of those souls still inhabit the bodies of the living), and now, digital contraptions, that only need a human touch on the odd occasion, will leave those souls bored to tears. 

I shall leave you all with a photo of my trade, my obsolete skill set, my old mechanical and clinky friend whose destiny is to be melted down into something more modern but far less admirable. Goodbye you old pile of junk - most of my friends who have seen a movie here have no idea the impact you had on their dreams....

Come find me on YouTube!



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