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Thursday, December 27, 2012

R.I.P. Commander Riker

17 years ago a girlfriend gave me a present which would go on to become one of my favorite toys.

It was a collectors edition Ken-sized Commander Riker action figure.

Sure he spent most of the next 1.8 decades in my box of cherished bits and pieces but I still loved him.

Until today that is.

Today I ran him over with my lawn mower, and now... There's not that much left of him, I couldn't even find his face.

It wasn't out if malice, I simply didn't know that my three year old had left him in the long grass, and whilst on his final "away mission" he came to his grizzly end, not by phaser fire or a breech of the core-reactor but by my rusty lawn mower blades.

He served me well as the ornamental symbol of many fantasies which involved me wearing the red and black of Star Fleet, and now while giving him a decent burial would be silly, he at least deserves a blog post.

Goodbye commander Riker, may your body parts serve as awesome key chain ornaments in the near future.

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