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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Genesis Chapter One - A Poem

In the beginning God created
The heavens and the earth
The world submerged in waters deep
And all was dark before it's birth

The planet hung in silent space
A formless silhouette
But glory graced it's cold dark face
As upon the deep hovered his Spirit

And then the Holy Elohim
Commanded that the night
Step aside and bow down to
His words, "Let there be light!"

And upon the earth the new light shone
It's youthful radiance
All because the great God spoke
His word of influence

And by that word he kept apart
The darkness from the light
And declared the light be called the "Day"
And the dark he designated "Night"

And evening fled
Morning came fast
The first of all the days had passed.

And then the Great I Am proclaimed,
"Let there be an expanse!"
And the waters separated quick
To facilitate the skies advance

And by the Lord's supreme decree
The firmament was so
Distinguishing the atmosphere
From the ocean far below

From horizon to horizon
The Holy One ordained
That the bright blue sky above
Bear "Heaven" as it's name.

And evening fled
Morning came fast
The second of all days had passed

And then the one called Beautiful
Spoke of the single deep
To congregate and to release
The dry land from it's keep

And so the waters thrashed in place
By the grand command
And so it came about that God
Created the earth's seas and land

And for the briefest time that passed
The One who understood
Looked upon his work so far
And saw that it was truly good

And then the Everlasting One
Gave garments to the land
Plants with seed and wondrous trees
Appearing as the Master planned

And so it was the earth was dressed
In floral brown and green
According to their kinds the plants
And trees that fruit with seed.

And for only a moment He
Looked upon the woods
And saw with satisfaction
That what he made was good

And evening fled
Morning came fast
The third of all the days had passed

And Wisdom spoke that lights appear
Beyond the new world's sky
To separate the night from day
And illumine from on high

"And let them be for signs" He said
"For Seasons, days and years."
and by his word it happened that
The hosts of heaven did appear

Two lights the Greatest Light did make
The sun to rule the day
And the lesser moon the night
With the stars soft rays

And beholding the great counterparts
Of heaven's neighborhood
He who made the galaxies
Declared that it was good

And evening fled
Morning came fast
The fourth of all the days had passed

And then the One who holds the earth
Commanded that the seas
Would swarm with diverse living things
And flourish abundantly

And by divine vernacular
He ordered that the sky
Would teem with creatures on the wing
According to their kinds

Again he saw that it was good
And quickly ratified
that all the creatures he had made
Increase and multiply

And evening fled
Morning came fast
The fifth of all the days had passed

Then the Author of all life
Uttered his sovereign speech
That upon the earth be creeping things
Livestock and all beasts

And as he spoke it became so
According to design
All creatures in abundance
According to their kinds

And Heaven's Holy Engineer
Beheld and understood
The Life now living on the land
Was wonderful and good

Then God said, "Let us make man,
In image just like us."
And so the man came into being
In the Creator's likeness!

And then the Father did decree
That man should have command
Over the sky, over the sea
And over all of the dry land

And so the Ancient of all Days
Who formed the man from clay
Blessed him with dominion
Over all that he had made

And to the man and to the beasts
He gave the plants for food
He told the beasts to fill the earth
And mankind to increase too

And the Highest King of Heaven
Revealed his fatherhood
By looking at the Man and beasts
And saying that they were very good

And evening fled
Morning came fast
The sixth of all the days had passed

And thus the end of God's great work
Had at long last come
So on the seventh of all days
He rested from the work he'd done

And thus the seventh of all days
The God of Heaven blessed
Making it a holy day,
A day of blessed holy rest

And evening fled
Morning came fast
Creation was complete at last

By Kerin Gedge
Copyright 22nd October 2012

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