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Monday, September 17, 2012

Listen to Yo Celebrities!

Just for a bit of fun, if this gets a hundred "likes" by October 1st then I will personally perform the below rap and post it to YouTube!

The inspiration for this came from my contempt for Celebrities always trying to tell us how to think whenever there's a social or environmental issue. Or even worse, they'll try to tell us who to vote for!

Fed up with these "Preachers of the Left" I did the only thing I could think of and wrote a rap about it.

I'm confident it won't get a hundred "likes" so I think I'm safe...


Listen to Yo Celebrities
A rap by Kerin Gedge


Listen to your celebrities
Coz they’re the only ones who know what’s good For you and me

They can tell you the right thing to do
Just because they lie for a living
Doesn’t mean it's not true!


Actors are expert at this thing and that
Coz of all the study they do
while getting ready to act

An actor can tell you to do what you should
coz if you’ve acted like an expert
Your advice is just as good!


Listen to your celebrities
coz they’re the ones whose words can bring peace and harmony, yo

Don’t waste your time reading
or thinking for yourself
Get a famous person to do it
coz its bad for your health

Don’t fret yourself about
that moral dilemma
Coz if a famous person does it
then it doesn’t really matter!


Listen to your celebrities
because they’ve read a lot more books
than you or me you see

Don’t think too much
about an ethical decision
leave questions of morality
to liberal politicians!

They’ll make it legal
to make it ok
coz if its legal then the guilt you feel
will go away!

Yeah a pop star won’t tell you
That you’re going to Hell
They’ll tell you it’s a virtue
to live for the now
Or think with your heart
and not with your head
leave the thinking in your head
for when you’re sleeping on your bed

Coz the famous are wise
and take the left position
be creative with your history
and abandon your tradition yo

Listen to your celebrities
coz they know a whole lot more
about reality

Yeah, normal people are stupid
And don't know a thing
They need a rich celebrity
To do all of their thinking!

Listen to your celebrities
Coz they’re the only ones who know
what’s good for you and me!


By Kerin Gedge
Copyright 2012

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