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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dream Sequence Part 2

Its 12.30 in the a.m. and I'm wondering why I am torturing myself at the desk top here? Probably because I'm notoriously lonely with my wife and baby being all the way on the other side of the trough in that wretched wasteland we typically call Australia.

I have to call it a “wretched wasteland” because then I can pretend that I didn't just spend a beautiful week soaking up the sun and hitting the beaches in the QLD... especially now that I have returned to that dismal dark corridor I work in with those loud machines that feed the masses such banal rubbish everyday (I'm a movie projectionist in case you've forgotten).

The second reason I have to refer to Australia in a derogatory manner is because I am a Kiwi and that’s what we Kiwi’s do, we pretend that Australia sucks, even when it doesn’t. It’s in my genes.

But in all seriousness, it doesn’t suck and it’s not wretched at all. If Australia was guilty of one sin it would only be that it is insufferably hot and sticky and very big.

Apart from bringing home an Ozzie tan and 3 extra kilos of fat around my waist (to help my belt hold up my pants), I also brought back an ear infection from too much swimming with my head under the water. But Christmas brunches, lunches and banquet style dinners will do that to you - make you sink to the bottom of the first pool you dive into! I was also lucky enough to share a swim with a giant man eating spider (that is if the man was the size of a GI Joe) and a frog that we had to rescue from a volley ball as my team lost miserably to the other team of relies. I felt like I was in Meet the Parents as I showed the in-laws what an abysmal hand I was at sports but then remembered that I could kick a few butts on the Nintendo Wii...

That night ended with us eating dessert at 12:30 in the a.m.

And so the torture continues with me having way too many late nights as now I have a holiday from my holiday and still have to work…

Seeing as I have nothing else to write about I will continue with this newish “dream series” which will probably amount to people writing to me to tell me I need therapy or a bucket of hydrochloric acid or both...

This morning I was locked into a sleep deeper than the death of Socrates so I hardly remember much apart from this massive horde of Indians, as in the ones that invented the curry burger, gathering outside a cinema complex. They were following an entire royal family who had come to this theatre for a special screening of something or other and I was the one who was going to play their movie for them. And so the pressure mounts…

I followed the crowd of peasants, for that is what they were, dirty messy people who had received such an honor as to watch a flick with their Monarchs, up a flight of stairs which became steeper and steeper until I came through the wide open double doors at the top and found myself staring down at an enormous drop behind me as I struggled against the crowd which wouldn't sit down fast enough. I felt the utmost vertigo as I looked outside the doors at the vast expanse below me with fields and small buildings peppered on the ground below...

Somehow I either managed to shut the doors or I escaped up the aisle to a better position of anywhere but there!

I found myself ringing my brother to see if he was keen to go and see AVATAR in 3D and that I was leaving from my other brother's house shortly if he wanted to meet me there... then I looked at the ground and there were these glowing shells all over the floor. The kind of shells you see Island Tribesmen blowing into to make a trumpety noise, only these ones were obviously man made, smooth and warm.

I realized the floor was in fact the ceiling and the room was somehow upside down... I asked my brother how the room came to be tipped over as it was but he told me that it was meant to be that way and that these lights were a new cost effective energy saving technique where the shells absorbed the suns energy throughout the day and lit the floor by night. I thought it was rather stupid seeing as I had nowhere to walk unless I wanted to stub my toe.

I think dreaming of work like that is indicative of my fear that one day I’m going to go there and become the unfortunate victim of a stampede of angry patrons.

This dream began with some undertones of a Christ like parable about the Kingdom of Heaven in which the people from the streets are invited to the Wedding Feast and get to dine with the King. It also reminds me of when Jesus said to “enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction…” I wonder if my looking back at the suddenly steep stairs was a realization of the worldly road that I had been walking on some years ago before returning to church and some anxiety that I may be slipping backwards onto it?

The theatre could be like church but why I would want to leave church to watch AVATAR I would have no idea; the movie is ridiculous except that Cameron has made it to look as real as possible, and yet it is still fake no matter how real it looks… maybe that’s how I see the physical world – fake no matter how real it appears to be? And when I find myself in a room where the ceiling is the floor but am told that is how it is meant to be, I’m thinking that maybe that’s like the bad stuff that happens in your life, when terrible things happen and your world is twisted upside down it turns out that in all things God works for the good of those who love him and his light shines through the floor to guide your feet, I thought it was stupid because I was scared of stubbing my toe when in actual fact the light would prevent that from happening as in that psalm “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path…”

Yep, it’s definitely very late and I’m getting esoteric…

I better go before I start dreaming and typing at the same time!

In the mean time here's a friend of mine playing a song we all should know...

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