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Monday, June 11, 2012

Pimp My Twenty Bucks Part Three

I’m well into week three of my ostentatious attempt of turning $20 into a chubby $100 and Felix, my testosterone factory of a cat has that snide look on his face as he licks his furry thighs while not taking his eyes off me. Oh yeah, he’s saying to me telepathically, you’re going to fail and ain’t nobody going to take my stones away from me!

I burst a vain in the side of my head trying to relay my unspoken reply through the ether between us – better clean those things while you still have them cat! The war between cat and man has been declared, yet Felix with his claws has left me in the dust of the arms race as I wait for my slow economy to grow…

Let’s recap quickly before the four legged ginger ninja manages his next strike!

Last blog you saw me with $4 still crediting my Trademe account and a return of $17.50 from the original 20 that I “invested” into my Small Change Growth Plan.

From that $17.50 I topped up my Trademe account, spent $6 on new stock and saved the massive profit of $1.50 in what I call my “Dog Ears” bank account (as in when people bend the corner of a page to mark their place, thus creating a Dog Eared book… yeah I know, I’m a dork.)

I relisted the 11 books that did not sell at no extra cost, and also listed 11 new items at 25 cents per listing.

Then I saw to the gradual extinction of my fingernails as I bit them in my fear of failure for the next seven days.

Unfortunately the Queen’s Birthday weekend saw a noticeable drop in the week’s online shopper traffic and books that had received multiple hits and watchers in the first week were like the symbolic sage rolling in the wind of a bad western. I caught myself rehearsing how I would try to convince my readers to keep following this series, I even blamed the Queen.

Again, don’t watch your listings religiously like I do because in the end it counts for nothing until the fat lady sings that your listings are about to end and she ends up buying a book. (Not suggesting my customers are in themselves fat ladies, it’s just a bad metaphor.)

Out of 22 listings I sold three, but here’s the full scoop:

John Marsden’s Third Day the Frost went for $3

BFG by Roald Dahl went for $3

A Brief History of Time by Prof Stehen Hawking got me $6

Giving me $12 in the hand, and $9.26 still in my Trademe account to service this week’s listings.

This is the point where I sort of start making it up as I go along and take a date with Mrs. Risky with some of my decisions. I’ve made slightly less than the week before, with only $1 to add to Dog Ears, bringing my profit to date up to $2.50. Ouch! At this rate I will have successfully reached my goal with about 100 weekly blogs documenting the two years it took me to do so, not to mention Felix will have spent that time generously making genetic contributions to the local cat population.

So I need to be a bit flexible and ready to change the rules when I feel it suits me to do so.

Thinking about my need for new shoes, my desire to visit dear old ma and that evil cat that thinks he has indestructible gonadss – here’s what I’m going to do:

This week I’m going to take the risk of not re-crediting my Trademe account. After all there’s already $9 in there and I currently have 18 items relisted at no extra charge. I figure that $9 can cover my new listings and success fees for this week.

In the next Day or so I will replace the stock I sold this week using 5 of the $12 I made back from the last round’s sales. If all goes well I should get about 10 books and end up with about 28 listings, getting close to double the 16 books I started with. Theoretically, the more listings I have my chances of making a sale increase. Theoretically that is.

This will leave me with a total of $8.50 in the old Dog Ears account. Great, now I only have $91.50 to go!

Until next week, I have to go and build up my defenses against this smelly ginger door rug of a cat!

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