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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Blogger App - a Review

I thought seeing as I'm already mucking around with the thing I might as well "text" a quick blog about the blogger app with all it's pros and con...

I say Pros because of it's multiple positives such as being able to quickly upload a pic of me doing the magnum pose (or blue steel depending on the angle...) It's also relatively easy to view/delete posts and more importantly posting things is easy to... Though I can imagine using my wife's iPad right now would be much easier with it's superior keyboard... But if you can stand texting with your thumbs then that shouldn't put you off as much as it does me, a t-Rex with an iPhone!

I can't speak for other phones but the iPhone 3GS I'm using forces me to write this blog using the smaller keyboard aspect ratio... I would definitely prefer to be able to tilt the phone and increase the length of the keys... But oh well, it's still pretty cool and beggars can't be choosers.... Or can they?

The app developers have been wise enough to include a feedback function which allows for a multiple choice approach to "dogfood" the application, along with a few text fields for you to be a bit more specific, like I was with the one thing, the "con" that really bugs me about this app - I can't view my stats... And if you're anything like me, I'm a stats junkie, finding myself with a free moment I tend to want to hit refresh like one of those psych rats pressing the euphoria button in a lab experiment... You should see me with my adsense this way, every hour I press "refresh" to view the one cent that I made that morning to watch with hopeful displeasure how it changes throughout the day to nothing but the same one cent it was an hour ago!

Finally if they could do something about the spelling I just had to fix... But that's probably more to do with my ancient brain attempting to use this new infernal device than the app itself...

Now if I could just get them to make my kids breakfast so I can stay right here on the couch...

Check out this application on the Apple App Store, search for "blogger"... I would have included a link but I'm dumb, lime a dinosaur...

In the meantime heres me doing blue steel in my intelligence boosters (glasses)

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