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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pimp My Hundred Bucks - Part Eighteen

Wow, writer’s block. Doesn't happen often but when it does its like trying to force a cinder block through the tips of your fingers!

It could be that too much time on the computer has fried some of my synaptic pathways, or it could be because I went all hippie on my back yard today and planted two new fruit trees, leaving a blister the size of a Kansas right in the center of my right palm, which would be true if Kansas was the size of my blister. I’m clearly not used to physical labor, the handle of my shovel might as well have been a potato peeler for the damage it did to me, I feel like I’m typing while a small meteor burns its way through my hand!

So in short, this week’s entry will be brief and written through gritted teeth and possibly tears… er, manly tears of course, the kind that would take Chuck Norris’ tears down in a fight.

Regardless those tears won’t be from my gardening injury, but rather from the puny figure on my little accounting sheet here. It hasn't been the best week I’m afraid and my attempts to turn $100 into $500 have a great deal more attempting to do! I only managed to sell 14 items this week at $49, making me a profit of only $11.34, a figure that makes me wonder if I have suddenly turned into a snail.

Snails apparently don’t win the monthly Bonus Bonds draw either, the $20 I invested way back when I started this thing is still just $20.

So, drum roll please (on really tiny drums)… I now have $355.51 with $144.49 to go until I reach my goal of having turned $100 into $500.

On the bright side I did finally finish listing all those sci-fi books that I bought a few weeks ago, and at the last count I had 306 books listed on Trademe! Time to go out and buy some more stock I think…

Oh and I've signed up to Amazon Associates in an attempt to monetize my blogs, hence the abundance of advertising on my site these days! Don’t let it put you off; it’s all part of my plan!

Tune in next week for longer paragraphs about greater successes!

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